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Benson Lobster Co. Ltd is a wholesaler of live Atlantic Canadian Lobsters. We are located on the beautiful Grand Manan Island in the Bay of Fundy. We purchase fresh lobster from the ocean direct from our local fishermen.

We hand grade every single lobster based on quality, liveliness, and size. Bay of Fundy lobster are known worldwide for top quality and best tasting lobsters. The quality can't be beat due to the cold waters around Grand Manan from the Atlantic Ocean and the strong daily tidal flow in the Bay of Fundy. Because of this water quality we are able to maintain and provide top quality lobsters to our customers all year.

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At Benson Lobster we do short term and long term storage of live lobster. Long term storage is used to provide hard shell lobsters to our customers while our fishing season is closed. We have a state of the art holding facility with capacity for over 500,000 lbs. We have an open flow tank system, which allows us to pump clean fresh ocean water through the facility 24 hours a day. Having this ability is key in maintaining top quality lobsters during storage. The other key in our ability to produce the best lobsters in the world is our attention to detail. Employees of Benson Lobster are trained to grade the lobsters with extreme precision on hardness, shell quality, and liveliness.

Benson Lobster is a registered facility with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and also a secure shipper apart of the Canadian Secure Cargo Program. We own and operate Benmark Trucking Ltd, which gives us the ability to deliver our product quickly, efficiently, and on schedule.

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Benson Lobster ships worldwide including China. We also ship locally to customers in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Maine and Massachusetts. You can trust that you will receive the freshest live lobster from the best waters in the Bay of Fundy.  Contact Us for more details.

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Home of the Freshest Lobster from the Bay of Fundy